Scientists and engineers are inspired by natural structures that have evolved over millions of years. This field, biomimetics, is a leading approach for the development of new materials and technologies with applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as well as drug delivery and nanomedicine. Adopting this biomimetics approach to develop biomaterials for tissue regeneration and also in vitro and in vivo models to understand human disease and tissue development has been of growing interest. This conference aims at catalysing the open exchange of ideas for the optimum application of biomimetics to basic and applied science.

Join us in sunny Brisbane, Australia for the Biomimetics in Bioengineering Conference 2019! Earlybird registrations are available until Friday, 5 April 2019 and limited places are available!

More than 20 countries will be represented in this year’s Biomimetics in Bioengineering Conference! An incredible opportunity to develop research and cultivate new ideas with global colleagues and leaders in the industry!

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